Venapro Ingredients

April 24th, 2012

It’s hard when reading the claims Venapro makes about it’s ability to cure hemorrhoids not to wonder “what’s actually IN this stuff?”

There are 2 questions that need to be answered when looking into the ingredients of Venapro, namely:

1. What is the supposed “power” of the ingredients?

2. Are the ingredients safe?

In order, allow me to address from my research.

First up, if you didn’t know, Venapro is composed solely of homeopathic ingredients. What that means is plant, vitamin, mineral, and other natural extracts, diluted to a an extremely fine degree and combined in an aqueous (water) solution. Homeopathic medicine has been recommended by doctors since the 1920′s and various combinations have been created as the solution to many problems. Some of the specific ingredients combined into the Venapro solution are:

St Mary’s Thistle: Has specific relation to the vascular system, vital in the cure for hemorrhoids since hemorrhoids are nothing more than engorged veins in the rectal area.

Flouride of Lime: According to Venapro “A powerful tissue remedy for hard, stony glands, varicose and enlarged veins”. This stuff helps reduce the size and inflammation of painful hemorrhoids and work towards their complete reduction.

Krameria Mapato: Used to dull down pain felt in the rectum as a result of ongoing hemorrhoid suffering.

And a handful of others. This is how the Venapro ingredients work.

As for the safety of the ingredients, this is the one thing that with Venapro, there’s little to worry about. You’ve probably heard about the natural ingredients of Venapro, meaning no chemicals, no prescription ingredients, and so no harmful side affects. Venapro as such, can be used on and off as needed as a cure for hemorrhoids with no concern for lasting effects.

Frequent users say that they keep Venapro around constantly for whenever hemorrhoids flare up due to temporary strain as the perfect fast solution and relief.

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